Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed


Lakselv, Norge

Language skills

Dialect: all dialect
Dialect: Bokmål
Accent: all accent
Accent: Lakselv og Oslo

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Video 660 NOK

Phone 528 NOK

In person 990 NOK

Hub 792 NOK

All prices are based on a 1 hour session


I finished my studied in a university in Sudan and I have a certificate in 1979 from faculty of Art /journalism and information /I studied translating and I have (kursbevis språkassistent)from Rognan mottak .I am a flexible person and I like to work a lot .I can translate and teaching English ,Arabic .I like working with other people :

Areas of expertise:

  • Utlendingsforvaltning
  • Utdanning og undervisning
  • Rettsvesen
  • Politikk
  • Privat næringsliv
  • Barnevern
  • Politi
  • Helse

Interpretation methods:

  • Simultantolking
  • Konsekutivtolking

Interpretation types:

  • Video Assignment
  • Phone Assignment
  • In Person Assignment
  • Video Room Assignment


University Sudan


1975 -

voksenopplæringsskole Porsanger kommune



Additional interpretation courses:

translating course in Sudan

Kursbevis språkassistent

20 hours

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